Minter. Damian

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Procrastination Flow Chart
Don’t lie to the flowchart.

My Fears:

#5 - this is the last season of true blood

My Fears:

#4 - Im scared im crazy

My Fears:

#3 - Im scared to be myself around my mother

My Fears:

#1- Im scared to do a “truth is” on my facebook

"If you cant love yourself, how in the H**** you gonna love somebody else, Can i get a AMEN"

- RuPaul

School Picture 2011
I have two best friends in the whole world and this is one of them
My Cartoon : FuzzyButterTail


What happened to the word GAY meaning HAPPY !? Now mostĀ peopleĀ are ashamed to be GAY. You should never be ashamed to be HAPPY.